Erase the wait; JT Talks with Big Brothers Big Sisters

March 2, 2023

What's happening is JT listening. To the carnivals. Welcome to the J Chronicles podcast. And actually get to see my face today too. So if you're watching this mom hope this is. My good side and. It's all about positivity. I'…

Set a date for success

Jan. 7, 2023

Transcript What's happening, Hi its JT you’re Watching the chronicles. It is all about positivity. Got my honeydew starting right off with that. Excuse me Be careful, of course. Be thankful you're awake. Be thankful. First a…

I Fell Many times- but I get up- so can you

Jan. 7, 2023

What's going on with JT? Watching the chronicles, it is all about positivity. I haven't I have to get back into my videos and and I know I've been falling off a little bit because. I've been doing therapy for like. Pain and …

How I deal with Anxiety

Jan. 7, 2023

JT Chronicles will provide a transcript to our podcast when we can for our hearing impaired friends #onelove #onefamily #onecommunity Transcript What's happening message? JT, You're watching the chronicles. It is all about p…

The Rye Tavern-South Shore's Best Chowder

Dec. 9, 2022

JT talks with Ashley, one of the owners of the Rye Tavern in Plymouth. They are spreading the love of a good attitude and damn good food! Ashley and her husband, Dave, make a farm-to-table experience top-notch with their eve…

Have that Friday attitude about Monday- It is MonFriday

Dec. 9, 2022

JT's Positivity is endless and now he is flipping the script on Monday so that you can attack your week!!!

JT sharing some Positivity with a Teen Pop Star Tiffany

Dec. 9, 2022

JT catches up with teen popstar Tiffany at the Music Room on Cape Cod

Motivating Schools with JT

Oct. 10, 2022

JT talks about bringing his positivity, energy, and mindset to everyone on Cape Cod. How is he positive everyday? How much energy do you give to negativity? What is your gift?

Best Kept Secrets; Andrew Jamiel talks with JT about putting in the work

Sept. 19, 2022

Andrew Jamiel knows what hard work is! JT talks with this DY and Stonehill graduate from Cape Cod that is putting in the reps and is still playing football on his terms. Andrew started playing at seven years old and quit. Gr…

Back to Basics

Sept. 6, 2022

Back to Basics, Back to school, Back to work, and the theme here is discipline! Jt and producer Stephanie, Get back to the root and refresh some mindfulness tactics, work ethics, and behavioral reminders. Work hard and striv…

Summer of Positivity 22

July 10, 2022

JT is embarking on his Summer of Positivity 2022. He is asking you to # your photos with #JTSOP22, and he is giving away lots of prizes thanks to sponsors Honey Dew! Win Jt chronicles gear and gift certificates all summer lo…

Summer of Positivity 22

July 8, 2022

JT is embarking on his Summer of Positivity 2022. He is asking you to # your photos with #JTSOP22, and he is giving away lots of prizes thanks to sponsors Honey Dew! Win Jt chronicles gear and gift certificates all summer lo…

Best Kept Secrets; Catherine Ellis

June 14, 2022

*This episode was recorded in front of a live studio audience that was rowdy! JT and Stephanie got to sit down this week with one of the most demanding working student-athletes they have met to date. Meet Catherine Ellis- Th…

Best Kept Secrets; Tommy Hardy

June 4, 2022

JT and Stephanie grab a late lunch at their favorite spot," Island Cafe," with a rising boxer Tommy Hardy, who happens to be crushing goals at 13 years old. Tommy talks about his motivation and how he stays working hard with…

Take The Moment

April 4, 2022

JT and producer Stephanie Viva talk about the importance of "taking the moment" and experiencing your life where you are at and enjoying it. JT just wrapped up hosting duties of Unsung Heroes , a singing competition at the M…

Bad Things and Bullies

March 21, 2022

*We're not here to tell you what to do. We're here to listen. JT Chronicles Podcast is a podcast that tackles tough topics, and we want you to know that it may be triggering for some listeners. If you need help, please reach…

JT and Stephanie talk Lessons and Updates; TEDxProvincetown and Unsung Heroes

March 7, 2022

JT and Stephanie Viva from Lemonadio catch up at their favorite lunch and hidden gem spot at The Island Cafe and Grill in Hyannis . With speaking engagements and contests, it is hard to slow it down and check-in with what is…

Restructuring; Cut the Bad Piece off of the Banana

Feb. 14, 2022

JT gives you the motivation to start your week off. This week we focus on restructuring. Take that part of your life: the bruise or the scar or the position you are not currently liking, and cut it off. Cut it out. Refocus a…

Katt Rockell; Best Kept Secrets from the Cape with JT

Feb. 4, 2022

Some secrets are meant to be shared, and Katt Rockell isn't a secret to the music world, but what you may not know is that her roots and foundation were formed right on Cape Cod. Listen as JT and producer Stephanie talk to K…

Reclaiming YOU

Jan. 24, 2022

Weekday Motivation is here to set your intentions for the week and is an addition to full-length podcasts. JT talks about taking time to put yourself first and how it is easy to get swept away and caught up in things that do…

Update- Unsung Heroes is back

Jan. 10, 2022

Before the holiday break, JT and Stephanie talk at their favorite restaurant- Island Cafe , before closing up for the season; Island Cafe Reopens February 17th of 2022. JT surprises Stephanie with a videographer to capture o…

The Flagman Sports Store hosts Jt's Chocolates and Tim Lus

Dec. 20, 2021

This episode was recorded at The Flagman Sports Store JT talks to the ladies of JT's Chocolates about how they met and started a business during the pandemic. Family recipes and Fluffernutters and all the occasions to have f…

Special Update! Mini Me Clothing Boutique/ Unsung Heroes Round 2 from The Music Room Cape Cod

Dec. 10, 2021

JT hosted Naticia this week on the pod to talk about her business, some "crazy faith," and the holiday vendor market at the Cape Codder with Amplify POC. The store is located at 45 Plant Rd Suite 103 Hyannis, Ma 02601- get s…

Amplify POC Cape Cod; Phases Creative Studio at Island Cafe

Dec. 6, 2021

We got this surprise podcast underway at our favorite host's place- Island Cafe and Grill with Erika and Patrick. Tara from Amplify POC Cape Cod joined us today and other lunch guests, Jenny and Kevin from Phases Creative St…