March 2, 2023

Erase the wait; JT Talks with Big Brothers Big Sisters

Erase the wait; JT Talks with Big Brothers Big Sisters

What's happening is JT listening. To the carnivals. Welcome to the J Chronicles podcast. And actually get to see my face today too. So if you're watching this mom hope this is. My good side and. It's all about positivity. I'm here today with Big Brothers Big Sisters Foundation and Jay out and Deb. How are you?

Guys doing well. Thanks so much for coming.

Oh, my God, no thank. You, man, this is important and. We're on the Cape and keeping. Eyes all over what we're talking about. Yeah, but how many people are needed? How many kids need a mentor? So we'll just set this up. Us a little bit of information. What's going.

So we're actually kicking off our campaign for the spring, called erase. The wait. There are about 72 kids as of today. So, you know another couple of. Weeks will be higher. Kids, girls and boys that are waiting for a mentor. So we're really trying to recruit adults to step up, have the community step up and. Be a mentor and be a positive. You know additional positive influence in these children's lives, and so we're really hoping to hear the word and get everybody out there to do it. I've done it in the past. It's a wonderful experience. I think the adults actually. Take a lot. More out of it than the little does.

Yeah, I bet. So now just so. May get involved.

He told the regional. Director for the Cape and Islands I work with Deb and the rest of the team to make sure that we're we're meeting the goals and you know, really putting our name out there for the kids who could benefit. From having a mentor.

This is good. So erase the weight. We're talking about right before, but you know before we. Started shooting in. But since you said I just from starting at 6% you said. What? When you first started?

So one of the big needs that we're seeing right now are for kids who are being raised by their grandparents or aunt and uncle. Yeah, non custodial adult. There's a huge increase in that. Absolutely. So right now that's number sent at 33% of our 400 kids.

There's a lot.

That's incredible, right?