June 14, 2022

Best Kept Secrets; Catherine Ellis

Best Kept Secrets; Catherine Ellis

*This episode was recorded in front of a live studio audience that was rowdy!

JT and Stephanie got to sit down this week with one of the most demanding working student-athletes they have met to date.

Meet Catherine Ellis- The first Barnstable High School Athlete to sign an NCAA contract this year to compete in diving.

If you are wondering how this fabulous female athlete dives for a High School with no pool, the word you are looking for is commitment!

Catherine talks about breaking her back and ending her gymnastics competition to enter the world of diving. The hours of driving to a pool in Sudbury to train with little time to herself and then tearing her hip's labrum her junior year while everyone is vying for scholarships and competing for a chance during covid.

This remarkable student-athlete will be diving for Southern Connecticut State University, and you can follow them on Instagram.

Big things are happening for this student Athlete; if you know of another JT needs to talk to, contact us for an interview.