Dec. 6, 2021

Amplify POC Cape Cod; Phases Creative Studio at Island Cafe

Amplify POC Cape Cod; Phases Creative Studio at Island Cafe

We got this surprise podcast underway at our favorite host's place- Island Cafe and Grill with Erika and Patrick.

Tara from Amplify POC Cape Cod joined us today and other lunch guests, Jenny and Kevin from Phases Creative Studio.

We chat about What Amplify is doing in the community and highlight the Holiday Vendor Market is coming Dec 10th, 4-8 at the Cape Codder, while we enjoy the drink of the day.

Jenny and Kevin talk about their artwork, business, and plans for the future and how they amplify all people at their studio.

Learn more about Tara and her organization, and enjoy this podcast today!


From the Website

"Amplify POC Cape Cod is a racial justice initiative to help amplify the businesses owned by people of color (POC) on Cape Cod. Amplify was founded by Tara Vargas-Wallace, after the murder of George Floyd. As a Puerto Rican woman married to a Black man and mother to three promising Black children and as a social justice activist in the community, this issue was personal to her. In the spring and summer of 2020, community members began reaching out to Tara to ask how they could support the Black community. A list of Black-owned businesses did not exist for the Cape region, and therefore, Tara created one as part of Amplify's first endeavor. After some discussion with her local NAACP, it was decided that due to the dynamics on the Cape, it would be best to include all businesses owned by people of color as there weren't enough Black-Owned businesses in the region. The goal then became to amplify businesses owned by all marginalized groups, thus adopting the term POC for People of Color. Amplify provides training and educational opportunities to enhance economic development among people of color on the Cape. Because of systemic racism, we know that the COVID pandemic has disproportionately impacted POC, and now is a significant time to support small local businesses, especially those owned and operated by POC. We're hoping that Amplify - as a community-driven initiative - helps to create a more equitable Cape Cod by fostering growth within and for our community."