Jan. 10, 2022

Update- Unsung Heroes is back

Update- Unsung Heroes is back

Before the holiday break, JT and Stephanie talk at their favorite restaurant- Island Cafe, before closing up for the season; Island Cafe Reopens February 17th of 2022.

JT surprises Stephanie with a videographer to capture our podcast on video; shout to Dylan from DC Visions (Stephanie looks like a slob because nobody warned her...you can re-watch here)

They sit down and have the drink of the week and dish about the upcoming rounds of the music room contest Unsung Heroes and some of the contestants, Juliet, Jon, and Tyler. JT reveals he is part of the "Wham Fam," and talks surround the atmosphere of the contest.

A contestant possibly a busier entrepreneur than both of our hosts is Keniqua Smith.

Keni shares her story and how she works on her music and skills. Taking on songs such as Whitney Houston's greatest love of all and meeting new friends like fellow contestant Olivia

Make sure you take in a free performance at the music room before the Final rounds. Shows are three nights a week and available at no charge for the audience. Find a favorite contestant to champion or support the local music scene.