Dec. 13, 2022

The. Wheel. OF. HEALING

The. Wheel. OF. HEALING
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The Finale of 2022 is her so Let's kick off this pod with a bit of hate protest and our hate of protest!

We teased an incident that occurred at our studio.

We are doing another one!

We have an upcoming event with our newly elected DA and Sheriff!

The wheel of healing, The colors, the overall service, and the mission-what it means and why you need to know about it!

We are discussing representation in our community and how we use collective healing in our practice.


It is okay to gobble and laugh during yoga.

Unfuck, your Stuck!

Grab a copy of Ayanna's latest book and meditations. Check out her new Website and buy a copy for everyone in your life on her new Website

It is finally closing out 2022 with a way to Champion your healing and word about 2023 and the beautiful hot messes that will be waiting for you in the new year.