Aug. 19, 2022

S3E1 Identity, Evolution, and New Spaces

S3E1 Identity, Evolution, and New Spaces
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Fit Phat Chat has another evolution to share with you.

Christy and Ayanna sit down and talk about Identity, Evolution, and New Spaces.

Big Red is Big Red no more, and she is bringing you dance fitness, a new brand, mindfulness, and a new fueling system for her body.

She talks about nutrition being a social justice issue

Christy is also discussing a support group to scope this issue and discuss diet culture.

They talk about the good works of Jenni Wheeler at the Family Table Collaborative and having her as an upcoming guest.

New teachers and programs are coming to the new Be Free Space in Hyannis.

Ayanna is gearing up for a new book and talks a little about her "dis-ease," doing some self-care check-ins, and feeling heavy in her body.

How do you feel in your body?

Coaching and Mentors, even professional wellness gurus, need it for themselves.

There is a price tier for all bodies at BeFree, so move your ass to class and start your wellness journey today.

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