Sept. 4, 2022

S3E2 Meet Kaylin; Her Journey to B Free

S3E2 Meet Kaylin; Her Journey to B Free
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September is National Yoga Month

Take a class atB Free Wellness

Kaylin Orr joins Fit Phat-She is the 

Program Coordinator and Supervisor of Operations at B Free

#whateveryouneed is her hashtag at the studio.

Ayanna love's fruit of the loom and saying the word "underwears." but she gets to business when she asks Kaylin

Why she wanted to join the Be Free team?

Kaylin talks about her fitness journey.

She is always seeking to find her place in the vast sea of jobs in the industry.

Serious Injury

At a five-year-old birthday, Kaylin does a round-off into a flip Kaylin breaks her Neck and dislocates her arm.

That is right; she broke her Neck.

She had her boyfriend drive her to the ER to confirm and then got surgery.

After a spinal fusion, she gave herself 24 hours to be mean to herself and wallow in her frustration.

She lived with her cervical collar and used no pain medication.

She made herself a TikTok and started documenting her recovery.

She read "untethered soul" and said she only allowed herself to read one chapter a day.

She pushed through incredible pain and didn't accept the go slow advice from others.

She is back teaching and credits being present with herself.

Accepting her journey

And how her body connects to the neck and spine

She credits her fitness evolution to where she is today.

Christie talks a bit about "toxic positivity."

and being inauthentic vs. Kaylin's shift to accepting her station on her journey.

Kaylin likes to connect to what space you are in now.

Kaylin loves Pilates and Yoga.

If you find the word "yoga" intimidating, you must take a class with her!

She wants Yoga accessible to you no matter what your level is

She makes every class comfortable and will give you modifications from beginner to advanced levels.

Ayanna asks where Kaylin gets her crazy energy from

Kaylin talks about her Morning Practice

Mental Reset

Every Morning

Give Gratitude and choose to take in the positive

It is a choice

Talks Chakra

Orange and Purple

Positive affirmations for each chakra

Workshop in the works!

Men, you have emotions too!

You have to want to feel good!

We also learn about Kailin's favorite word to use- BUTTCHEEKS.

To end every episode, the ladies like to talk about how they feel in their bodies when they record the episode. A check-in is a good practice to say how you feel in your body daily.

Then you say something you love about your body.

Christy talks about her inner Voice.

Ayanna talks about her Belly.

Kaylin talks about her Smile.

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