March 5, 2023

Beautiful and Brutal

Beautiful and Brutal

Fit Phat Chat 

Well, we are video now!

Holes in your Yoga pants and holes in your life

Christy and Ayanna talk about underwear and what is your "under-self."

You are Beautiful and Brutal all at once for the return of this pod.

Ayanna has been busy working on a book, and Christy has been working on herself.

The conversation about Christy having a hole in her pants leads to a philosophical discussion about addressing the easy fix.

Do you wear black underwear every day? That way, the holes in your yoga pants don't matter.

Do we practice a way to meditate daily that makes it look or feel like we are whole?

What places can we leave space or take space to do better?

These ladies talk about Ayanna's new book " unfuck your stuck" and one of the agreements in Ayanna's new 12 that will give your practice a contemporary punch.

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