Nov. 15, 2021

Best Kept Secrets with Charlie, Margot, Erica, and Patrick

Best Kept Secrets with Charlie, Margot, Erica, and Patrick

Best Kept Secret?

Not anymore!

This episode happens at the Island Cafe during a busy lunch rush, and I have to say owners Erica and Patrick took that in stride and every order from every full table and takeout item with a smile.

We talk to Charlie Brennan from Simple Signs about his business, the current work climate, what he is doing to change. He is hiring and looking for local business owners to jump in with his company to push for a better community. He is championing local hiring, feeding America, and Toys for Tots with a unique way to amplify his business as well as our community. 

Margot Cahoon joins us from her new entrepreneurial venture Communication Savvy ( a new Cape Cod business and current EforAll accelerator member). She has been lending her efforts to Charlie and also JT with her unique brand of polished marketing.

We then get to chat with "small business of the year" recipients from the Great Hyannis Chamber of Commerce and owners of the Island Cafe, Erica, and Patrick, about the start of the business, the current day-to-day, and the challenges of working with your spouse.

Get on island time with us and boost this community and our good vibes.

*warning this happiness is contagious