Oct. 7, 2020

Meet the Women of Women Travel Better in Pairs

Meet the Women of Women Travel Better in Pairs

They're Back! Women Travel Better in Pairs Re-launches their podcast in a post Covid-19 world! Join the journey with this pair of funny ladies if you want to laugh, be inspired, embrace new ideas and relish in the world of women and relationships.

2020 we are back, enjoy the journey and the dumpster fire of 2020… How do you just stop life?  Is travel coming back? What is the “new normal”? Is it depression? What do we do with all this time and how have we changed? (good stuff – Your Surge Capacity is Deleted- It’s Why You Feel Awful)

In a world of pivots these two find humour in their lack of travel, life in boxes, problem solving, even SNL and Chris Rock’s world of making plans. We are the same but very, very different. Thank you to our families, husbands and friends.

“Travel was always a big part but we are forced to appreciate the metaphor of the travel journey with all the important women and relationships in our lives, Better in Pairs.  We just want to laugh and have fun the rest can just stay away, no drama, no politics, no social media, …. We are taking life adventures!”

The women encourage everyone to jump right in, get out of your box and live life.  “If you liked this, then listen to the podcast episode for even more.”  #WTBip