March 27, 2022

Tyler Levs- Featured Artist

Tyler Levs- Featured Artist

Lemonadio staff first met Tyler Levs when he performed at The Music Room for Unsung Heroes. He traveled from New Hampshire for weeks to compete for the 15k prize, and his ride ended last week when he did not make the top 5. The twist- he is singing this Tuesday for one redemption slot to come back and sing for the money in the finale.

In this interview, Stephanie Viva and Tyler talk about how the pandemic changed his life for the better. They talk about the process as a singer-songwriter and putting it all together as he is a self-produced and promoted artist.

He has a significant following on twitch, and he is in it to make it full-time in this profession.

Fun fact: Tyler traveled the country playing open mics and sleeping in his car in Walmart parking lots; he has that dedication.

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