May 27, 2022

The Just Write it Class with Ted Murphy

The Just Write it Class with Ted Murphy

Stephanie sits down to talk with Falmouth Heights Author Ted Murphy on the local buzz to talk about how important it is to get our kids writing. 

Before they jump into what is happening this summer for  "The Just Write It" classes, they first talk about what is new in Ted's professional life; a book deal!

Ted has a new series on October 18th with totally weird activity books with his childhood friend and illustrator Mark Penta.

Stephanie talks to Ted about persevering as an author and having to wait for "your moment."

Ted also talks about how the writer's shack (where he conducts his classes) got its start and having both of his parents champion him to take this space but give back to our youth and give them the gift of storytelling and mental health by writing or journaling EVERYTHING. 

Open enrollment for his summer program is available now for ages nine and up.

find out more information by clicking the link below or by emailing Ted directly at

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