Jan. 4, 2022

Jayden Westland performs her new single 'Are you gonna mind' on "&Stephanie"

Jayden Westland performs her new single 'Are you gonna mind' on "&Stephanie"

We have a treat for you as we have an upcoming release performed by Singer-songwriter Jayden Westland. Her first single—“Are You Going To Mind?”— is out on January 7th, and we got the exclusive.

Listeners can preorder the single now for an automatic download or look for it on the 7th on virtual streaming platforms such as Spotify, Apple Music, and Pandora.

The Enterprises JOANNE BRIANA-GARTNER recently interviewed Jayden

Here is an excerpt:

she wrote the song two years ago as a response to a relationship breakup. “I was thinking about how he would feel when I moved on,” she said. “Would he care?” Ms. Westland added that she felt the song would resonate with others. “It’s a song about connections. I’m sure other people have felt this way.” She said she is both excited and nervous about the release. “Putting yourself out there is a very vulnerable thing. It took me a while, but I’m very excited about it.”

We are so excited for Jayden, and you can follow her here

We look forward to hearing more from her and following her progress, anxiously awaiting her EP and rooting for her in Unsung Heroes, a local competition at The Music Room.

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