Dec. 13, 2021

Inspiration is Everywhere

Inspiration is Everywhere

Sam from Inspiration is Everywhere in Falmouth joined Bri and myself to talk about what has been happening at 24 Spring Bars ave Suite 1A in Falmouth.

If you are looking for a volunteer opportunity they have plenty to do and find more information here

From Inspiration is Everywhere's website:

"Mission Statement

Inspiration Is Everywhere (IIE) seeks to ensure that our community members are able to receive the care and services, best suited for their needs, when challenges arise in their lives.

Vision Statement

Beginning with its roots as an educational art organization, Inspiration Is Everywhere is a community need-centered non-profit that views our existing system of community aid to be large but imperfect and believes that with an openminded, adaptation driven approach, we can fill in the gaps that many Cape & Islands community members fall through.

Art made of recycled trash teaches us that with just a little inspiration, even waste can be reenvisioned, repurposed, and transformed into something wonderful. With this as our guiding principle, IIE has transitioned in the wake of COVID-19 to focus specifically on community aid. We strive to help our community by assisting with small financial needs, access to volunteer or discounted service providers for household repairs/emergencies, and by providing a walk in office with a small food and toiletry pantry where you can connect with volunteers who can help you access other assistance we may provide. Alternately, we can help connect you with providers for needs not covered by us. We do not duplicate services, if it is available through another organization on Cape Cod we will help connect you with them."

Thank you to Bri from Brilliantly Balanced who shared this wonderful space for the community with us.

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