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May 10, 2023

S3E17 Do you Snoop?

S3E17 Do you Snoop?
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We are halfway through the week, and the TFS crew is charged up and ready to unleash opinions on everyone-Be on alert! "What's Roasting?" -kill the Weeknd -Robert De Niro a dad at 79 -Sia tied the knot "Hot off the burner." Do you snoop? More than four in five people admit to snooping through other people's digital devices! According to a poll of more than 1,000, commissioned by Secure Data Recovery Services, those who go poking around may have a reason always to be so suspicious. A shocking 53 percent claim they've found something incriminating or concerning while going through someone else's device. The most common thing people see is evidence that their significant other is cheating or flirting with other people. Seventy percent say they've discovered proof of digital flirting or in-person cheating after going through someone's device. Tori might not be getting any dates in the future, but she said what she said! Get Perky with us Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. . . . #podcast #radio #radiohosts #celebrity #news #popculture #podcasts #follow #funny #funnypodcasts #popculturepodcast #popculture #popculturenerd #celebrities #entertainment #entertainmentnews #entertainmentnewsfeed #entertain #snooping #capecod #checkyourphone